A Dependable Way to Finance

As a small business, you might struggle to find reliable ways to finance your company. Small business loans are backed by the government and can be a reliable source for you. Diversified Commercial Funding is approved by the Small Business Administration, making it easy for you to apply and qualify for an SBA loan.

Small business loans can be very beneficial to you. We offer loans up to $5 million that can be given to you if you qualify. Here are a few more reason why these loans can be great solutions:

  • Available fixed and variable rates
  • Full amortization throughout a 25-year term
  • Competitive rates
  • No prepayment penalties

These benefits can help your business flourish without having to worry about deep expenses or losses.

Your Needs Can Be Taken Care Of

Business loans can be used for all kind of purposes, whether it be for renovation or purchasing assets. Diversified Commercial Funding is happy to work with all types of properties such as gas stations, hotels, car dealerships, and many more.

Existing Business Acquisition Loans

We want to help all our customers find the right loans and financing for them. However, there are three types of criteria we look for to approve loans:

  • Excellent management of your business
  • Good credit
  • Profitability of your company

If these three things define your company, you can receive the small business loan that you need. Most SBA loans carry 15-year terms and finance 80%-90%.

Equipment Can Be Covered, Too

Whether your small business uses laundry equipment, medical equipment or manufacturing equipment, we can finance your assets. Equipment financing is covered in SBA loans.

If you are interested in applying for a loan, contact Diversified Commercial Funding. Prequalification can be approved in under 48 hours, and you can begin receiving the financing you need. Talk to our representatives to discuss any concerns or questions and get a small business loan application today.